Who says we don’t have enough space?`

Ok. Some people I’ve talked to have been questioning our growing method for strawberries and looking at me like I’m crazy, so here’s a picture for your skeptics out there!

And if my camera didn’t die on me, I would be showing you how they’re blooming and fruiting! Next time….

This year, we’re using a couple crazy space saving methods…

Our tomatoes and cucumbers are also blooming all around and last week, Olla Flowers picked up some pretty Astrantias

Finally, two short but good articles to read.

First is, Making Farming Work in Canadian Dimension Magazine, which highlights SOLEfood Farm as a “working model of community-based farm business”. And thanks to a good friend on Facebook, the second is from the Montreal Gazette about a Michigan mother facing jail time for planting vegetables in her front yard….  this clearly shows there are still many struggles out there on the gardening/food security/(urban) agriculture front. If you’re interested in planting on your Vancouver boulevard, here are the guidelines.

3 Responses to “Who says we don’t have enough space?`”
  1. Rod says:

    Wow, them strawb pipes are awesome, as is your whole SoleFoodFarm. (I’d like to visit someday). I suspect even small growers with more space could benefit simply in not have to bend down so much to harvest. I have some questions about this design:
    1) What diameter pipe is that, 6″? And what kind of pipe exactly. 6″ pvc astm is kinda expensive. I wonder if there’s anything cheaper that’s food safe.
    2) What diameter are the holes? I assume you drilled them yourselves with a hole saw?
    3) Is that 1′ spacing, with 4 holes per foot, staggered from side to side? Basically, 40 plants per pipe?
    4) How do you irrigate? Do you have to fertigate or did you pre-fertilize the soil? Will you be able to use these plants for 3 years?
    5) Is production good (as good as having them as well-amended ground soil)?
    6) Are you considering using pipes to grow anything else?
    7) Would you change anything in the design if you had to it over again?

    I’m sure you’re busy this time of year ( I know I am) but any response you can muster would be greaty appreciated!


    • Seann Dory says:

      The holes are roughly 2″ – 36 holes per pipe, staggered. They were planted late so we will understand production better next season. We might do less holes and a different irrigation system but we are in the “trial and error’phase at the moment. We did drill them with a hole saw. We use seaweed as an amendment but have talked about running other amendments through the drip line. the pipes are 6” diameter. We have also grown kale using the same system. I hope this helps.

  2. Iestyn says:

    May I suggest a leaky hose up the middle (we get in whatever length we want to 30meters), and put this up the middle of the pipe when filling with soil/growing media. This gave me ideas to use the 50m of 8″ pipe we have laying around. Thanks for the ideas.

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