SOLEFOOD Farm Shares for the 2012 Season are here!

SOLEFOOD Farm Shares are now available for the 2012 Season!  Our CSA offers a full share and a half share but unlike other CSA’s we operate a debit/credit CSA so you can pick the volume of produce you want each week!  Please visit our CSA page to find out more and SIGN-UP!

Now because we are also all about getting fresh veggies into the Downtown Eastside neighbourhood, our CSA members will also have an option to contribute to a low-income CSA. Just tell us how much you would like to contribute and we’ll add it to your total to be put towards providing families with fresh produce. As a reward for your contribution, we will give an additional 10% to your CSA (for example, if you purchase a $500 CSA and make a contribution to a low-income CSA, your $500 becomes $550).

All CSA members will be emailed a produce availability list and a feature recipe AND receive a SOLEfood Farm tote bag to carry all your veggies home!

Here is what to expect from the Farm in 2012!

Sweet Peppers, Hot Peppers, Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Eggplant, Strawberries,Rainbow Carrots, Beet Bouquets, Arugula, Salad Mix, Loose Spinach, French Breakfast Radish, Collard Greens, Rainbow Chard, Kale, Black Garbanzos, Cardoon, Artichoke,Yams,Horseradish,French Melons, Sunshine Watermelon, Muscat Grapes, Culinary Herbs, Fennel, Green garlic, Broccoli Raab, Micro Greens, French Filet Beans, Cucumber, Sweet Corn!

Email or call us to sign up for your CSA membership or visit our CSA page.


phone: 778-228-9566

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