Who We Are


Michael Ableman is a farmer, educator, and the founder and executive director emeritus of the Center for Urban Agriculture, where he farmed from 1981 -2001. He is the author and photographer of From the Good Earth (Abrams, 1993), On Good Land (Chronicle Books, 1998), and Fields of Plenty (Chronicle Books 2005) and the subject of the award winning PBS film Beyond Organic narrated by Meryl Streep. Ableman’s writing and photographs have appeared in publications and solo exhibitions throughout the world. He lectures extensively in the U.S. and in Europe.  His work has been profiled in numerous print and broadcast media nationally and internationally including National Geographic, NPR, the BBC, the Utne Reader, Gourmet Magazine, the L.A. Times, the NY Times and others. Ableman has received numerous awards for his advocacy and work in sustainable agriculture and he has helped to inspire dozens of projects and initiatives throughout North America. He is currently farming in British Columbia, Canada with his wife and two sons at the historic Foxglove Farm where he also directs The Center for Arts, Ecology, and Agriculture.




Seann J Dory is the Co-Director of SOLEfood Farm.  Before starting SOLEfood Farm, Seann was the Manager of Sustainability at United We Can a Vancouver charity creating employment opportunities for inner city residents through environmental enterprises.   Seann speaks regularly about food, sustainability and inner city development and has presented at the EAT! Vancouver Festival and the Projecting Change Film Festival.  Seann is a founding member of the Young Agrarians – an initiative to recruit, promote, and support young farmers in Canada.  Seann is a graduate of the Sustainable Community Development program at Simon Fraser University and a member of the National Farmers Union.

2 Responses to “Who We Are”
  1. teri says:

    Have you considered the fact that some of your supporters are over 50 and find reading tiny grey text on a white background very difficult? I am redesigning my web pages – not true, I am having a woman over the age of 50 re-design my web pages, and the issue of teeny text on a bright background comes up over and over when we go look at other pages to compare.

    just sayin – reading your https://1sole.wordpress.com/about-solefood/who-we-are/ page is painful. some of the other pages are a bit less so, but please, people, a bigger font makes your story easier to read….

    just sayin’…..

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