Who says we don’t have enough space?`

Ok. Some people I’ve talked to have been questioning our growing method for strawberries and looking at me like I’m crazy, so here’s a picture for your skeptics out there! And if my camera didn’t die on me, I would be showing you how they’re blooming and fruiting! Next time…. This year, we’re using a … Continue reading

Dirk and Nicole Becker

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been in the blogosphere and I swear there’s lots of new pictures of the farm, but while I’d love to show you lovely pictures of  SOLEfood, there is another matter of concern that warrants everybody’s immediate and undivided attention. Dirk and Nicole Becker are currently working tirelessly … Continue reading

NFU Youth Meeting

Have you noticed all the news stories around rising food prices lately? Here’s a a story from CBC today. Hmmm… symptoms of a food system dependent on oil perhaps? Nah!   This week, the National Farmers Union (NFU) Youth will be gathering to talk about food issues like this and much much more. Read the … Continue reading

Pics from We Vancouver Opening & HomeGround @ Oppenheimer

Here are some pictures from the opening of We Vancouver: 12 Manifestos For the City for any of you who missed it or who haven’t gone to see the exhibition yet. Remember, it’s on until May 1st and don’t forget to check out the outdoor exhibit on the Georgia Street side.   Tomorrow, that’s Thursday, … Continue reading

SOLEfood part of the Shorty Awards!

Mud Baron in LA gave SOLEfood a call late last week to tell us about the Shorty Awards, an online social media (popularity) contest through twitter. Working to put school gardens in cities across the US, Mud has also let SOLEfood join the fun! To maximize the chances of winning and spread the benefits, Mud … Continue reading