Xavier Students, BCAFM Conference and Meet Your Maker

Wow! It has been one busy week! The weather is still miserable, but it feels like summer with all this excitement! First, a group of students from the Xavier University, Alternative Breaks Program spent a day and a half helping out at the farm. They did a fantastic job for a group of city kids … Continue reading

We Vancouver: 12 Manifestos for the City

I know it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve really blogged, but I swear there’s a good excuse for my neglect! Since Will Allen’s exciting visit, everyone at SOLEfood has been working hard to get together an outdoor SOLEfood exhibit for the We Vancouver show at the Art Gallery. SOLEfood is honored to have been … Continue reading

Farming news south of the border and new blog

Hope all of you are enjoying the snow free days lately. I know the farm is happier as the drop in temperature froze everything over! I guess this is where our true test as farmers begins! Just thought I’d point your attention to some important farming/growing news happening south of the border recently in case … Continue reading

SOLEfood Expansion

We would like to announce that United We Can and the SOLEfood Farm team will not be expanding to the site at Union Street and Gore Avenue as we have found a larger site more suitable for our needs. Your support has been much appreciated by everyone at SOLEfood, In the meantime, the farm at … Continue reading

Good news, bad news…

I know I promised to post on the last seeding done by Alain and Freddy, but I have some news that is a bit more pressing today. First, the good news.  Olla Flowers, a local flower company located at 235 Cambie Street (by Cordova Street), has formed a unique partnership with SOLEfood Farm. I know … Continue reading