SOLEFOOD Farm is now offering a number of shares in its CSA program. The farm share includes a seasonal progression of fresh and dried products including strawberries, salad greens, beets, carrots, melons, squash, tomatoes, peppers, sweet corn, potatoes, herbs, beans, and much more.

What Is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) promotes a closer link between local families and their food. CSA members make a commitment to the farm at the beginning of the season by paying in advance for a portion of the farm’s products throughout the season. This guarantees the farm a market for its products, provides members with fresh food at a discount, and fosters responsible relationships between farmer, eater, and the land where the food is grown.

How Our CSA Works

Unlike many CSAs where the produce is chosen for you, our CSA is a “debit-style” program which allows you to choose the amount you’d like to prepay, in which location you’d like to pick up your share, and what produce you prefer to have. You can pick-up your food at the Wednesday evening or Saturday, Sunday farmers markets or at our new on site SOLEFOOD Farm Stands throughout the season.  We also offer a bike delivery service through SHIFT for a $10 service fee.

Each time you pick up your food, we deduct the value of your selection/share from your total.  If you go away on vacation, you need not worry about missing a weekly basket.  If you’d like to stock up on a particular item, you may do so as well.

In addition, to honor your commitment to the farm, you will receive an additional 10% credit ($500 becomes $550). Every time you “tell a friend” about the CSA program and they become a member, $10 is added to your account.

Each week you will be emailed our produce availability list, a distinctive recipe highlighting what’s in season, and news about exclusive specials.

Benefitting the community

When you sign up to become a member, you can choose to contribute to our low-income share program. This program provides low-income families with a $100 credit to spend on SOLEfood Farm fruits and veggies. The recipient families are chosen through our partnership with The Downtown Eastside organizations. You can sign-up online or by mail, Please send the CSA Form and check to:


608-33 Water St

Vancouver, BC V6B 1R4

Be sure to fill out the form before you buy your share so we can contact you with pick-up details.

You can also email: csa@solefoodfarm.com

Thanks for your support!

You’re not done yet! Once you have filled out the form click on the logo below to pay for your share by credit card or paypal.  Enter $500 for a Full-Share, $300 for a Half-Share.  If you would like to donate to a low-income share just add your donation to the total.  If you’d like SHIFT Bicycle delivery add $260($10X26 weeks) to your total.

PAY HERE:Click here to pay for your Share by paypal or credit card

7 Responses to “CSA”
  1. Sandia Wu says:

    Please let me know when you have produce on sale!


  2. Mary-Ann says:

    Great to see you at the Main Street Farmers market last Wednesday. Thanks for the delicious, truly local salad greens. See you next week for more.

    One of the Sole Food vendors at the farmers market said you are selling fresh produce at the farm next Thursday July 8. Will you have any garlic ready then?


    Aunty m.a.

  3. Lynne Stopkewich says:

    Love the whole SOLEfood addition to the ‘hood. Greens the lot by the Astoria so beautifully. I definitely support the second site since no one uses that green space (other than the benches). It would be nice to allow for viewing through the enclosure for folks from the neighbourhood as well as posting info along the fences. It took me awhile to understand what the Astoria location was all about.

    On that note: is there still produce for sale? Directly from the Astoria location or otherwise?

    Thank you and PLEASE keep it up!

    🙂 Lynne

  4. Ray says:

    what is a full share vs a 1/2 share?

    • peacepease says:

      Hi Ray, The difference between signing up for a full share or a half-share is just a difference in how much money you will have to ‘spend’ throughout our growing season. Because our CSA works on a debit style system, it means you have the freedom to spend as much or as little as you would like each week when you pick up your produce from one of our market stands. We will deduct your weekly ‘purchase’ from your overall share value and let you know the remaining value each week. So, if you love fresh produce and have a family or friends you cook for often the full share might be your best bet. If cooking is more occasional but you know you need to get your healthy greens in, the half share would be the way to go!

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