RED Strawberries, strawberries, and other cool news

Everyone who walks by the farm comments on the strawberry pipes. “Whatcha growin in there?”, “When are the strawberries going to be ready?”, “What? You’re growing something in there? Is it even going to work?”. People have even called us to ask about the pipes. Well folks, it works alright, and look at what’s coming … Continue reading

Who says we don’t have enough space?`

Ok. Some people I’ve talked to have been questioning our growing method for strawberries and looking at me like I’m crazy, so here’s a picture for your skeptics out there! And if my camera didn’t die on me, I would be showing you how they’re blooming and fruiting! Next time…. This year, we’re using a … Continue reading

DTES Kitchen Tables Murals

Some of you who live in the neighbourhood may have noticed a few new additions to the farm in the past week. 7 to be exact! Last week, with the help of some fabulous volunteers from the DTES Neighbourhood House, we hung up 7 beautiful murals representing the 7 food solutions to the DTES as … Continue reading

Eco-Dreaming Vancouver, The Stop and blooming Cherry Blossoms.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Go to Eco-Dreaming at W2 Storyeum (151 West Cordova) Kicking off the weekend Friday, March 25th from 7:30-9:30pm, Mark Lakeman Co-Founder of Portland’s City Repair speaks on how Portland is becoming the greenest city in America. Continuing on into Saturday, March 26th, from 10am to 5pm, join in … Continue reading

Social Enterprise model success and upcoming VAG show

Think the United We Can green jobs model is great? Well read about this great article in the Tyee, where the green social enterprise model is being applied to the construction industry. They call it, “deconstruction”, as opposed to demolition. Finally, “deconstruction” isn’t just for the academics and intellectuals (inside joke for all the sociologists … Continue reading